Concrete Services

Concrete Services from AOD Aiken Overhead Doors, Inc.

At AOD Aiken Overhead Doors, Inc., we specialize in comprehensive concrete services, catering to a diverse range of needs in construction, renovation, and industrial projects. Our expertise encompasses precise concrete cutting techniques, loading dock installations, selective demolition, and concrete repair.

Construction Site Concrete Cutting

  • Cut openings of any size in concrete walls or floors.
  • Create openings in brick or block walls to your specifications.
  • Customize openings for gates in private business walls.
  • Utilize flat sawing for expansion work, efficiently removing areas for further construction.
  • Cut trenches in concrete slabs to accommodate wire installations.

Concrete Service & Repair

  • Modify loading docks for scissor lift installations, ensuring efficient workflow.
  • Clear concrete debris for a clean and safe workspace.
  • Break concrete slabs for new installations, seamlessly preparing surfaces for construction.
  • Address stress cracks and settling issues with precision repairs.

Concrete Forming & Work

  • Install loading docks, wire trenches, and loading ramps for optimal functionality.
  • Enhance safety with the installation of concrete loading dock safety rails.

Demolition and Preparation

  • Prepare sites for cable trough installations with thorough demolition services.

For all your concrete needs, whether cutting, repairing, forming, or demolishing, trust AOD Aiken Overhead Doors, Inc. Call us at 803-279-3859. We proudly serve companies located in Augusta, Georgia and surrounding areas, delivering top-notch commercial and industrial concrete solutions.

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